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Critical Analysis of A Book

How to write a critical analysis of a book

To write a critical analysis book review means you will be providing a written assessment that will provide your opinion on the book supported by valid and detailed evidence from the book. Writing a critical analysis of a book will involve both analytical reading and writing. When reading the book to be analyzed keep the following questions in mind:

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  • What is the thesis or main argument of the book?
  • What is the subject of the book? Does the author thoroughly cover the subject? Is it written in an unbiased manner or does it have a particular slant?
  • How does the author support their argument? What evidence is used to support the argument? Do you find the evidence convincing? Why or why not
  • Does the argument make sense?
  • Would you recommend the book to somebody?
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  • Only Experienced Writers
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You should also try and learn about the author. In many cases an author’s background will influence the stance they take on a particular issue.

Developing and supporting a thesis for your critical analysis of a book

After reading the book you will have started to form an opinion critical analysis of text regarding what the author is trying to say. In general you will either agree or disagree to a certain extent. Your thesis will be the main idea in the book that your analysis provides argument and support for. A thesis is your opinion, not a fact, so it should be able to be argued by others. Your thesis should be specific. If too broad then it is ineffective. You should also be able to clearly state your thesis in understandable terms. After developing your thesis read the book a second time. The purpose of the second reading is to select specific parts of the book that support your thesis. Any statement or opinion should be supported with evidence from the book. A complete second reading is not mandatory. Different people have different approaches. If you are able to quickly skim to find the evidence to support your argument that is fine.

Writing your critical analysis of a book

Having collected the necessary facts to support your thesis, it is time to write the actual critical analysis of the book. Your supporting evidence should be presented using the critical analysis format. If you have problems with any portion of the critical analysis of a book contact our company’s critical analysis writing service for help. Our service can provide you with an original critical analysis tailored to your specific requirements. We guarantee every analysis to be free of plagiarism and for on time delivery. Customer support is available 24/7 and customer confidentiality is assured. Take advantage of our affordable rates and contact us for the best critical analysis writing services available.

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