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Speech Writing Sample

Check our creative speech writing sample! We hope you will like it.

How many times have you felt like giving up? Once? Twice? Have you felt like the whole world has given up on you,  that no one seems to understand you anymore and there is no more escape to the misery that you’re facing? You may think you’re alone, but you’re not. You’re not the only suffering.

I’m here standing in front of you to talk about fighting. Not the needless, useless, people-fight but to fight yourself. Sometimes, the misery we feel is because of our own insecurities—our own inner troubles. What you need to fight is not your parents who pressure you, not your friends who bully you, not your lover who left you… but yourself. Every time you feel burdened, it’s okay to cry. Cry your heart out until you can’t cry anymore. Until there’s no voice left and you feel tired of crying anymore. But make sure that after that, you get back up and pull yourself up again. Get back on your feet and face the world fearlessly. If they laugh or scream or judge you, you have the choice what to make of it. Don’t let other people’s criticisms become your identity.

I have been through the worst times of my life. My mother was a prostitute, and she died a prostitute. My father was a writer who never got out of his room until he finished writing. I didn’t have any siblings, nor did anyone want to make friends with me. But you know what? It only took one person that I was able to be standing here in front of you. Myself. I didn’t give up on myself. I had a miserable life, and if you think that I continue to be because I have a stage 3 breast cancer, I tell you that I am not. In fact, I think that, ironically, this is the most painless pain that I have ever experienced. I am sick, yes. But I am alive right now and I am talking to all of you. Even if I die tomorrow, I won’t be sad, nor have any regrets. Because I know that at one point even though my life had been pretty messed up and miserable, I am happy. I am happy right now, and that’s what matters.

You, you and you. You can be happy. Whatever you’re going through. You can be happy, and nothing else matters.

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