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Script Writing Sample

Searching for some good creative script sample? We are ready to share it with you!

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Scene 1 – Hospital

(Harvey holds Lena’s hand while seating on the hospital bed with all the apparatus on Harvey.)

Harvey : You can’t, Lena. I’ve already given you so much pain. You can’t go with me to the US.

Lena      : Why can’t I?! I’m already hurt… so much… that I feel like I’d die before you even do. Why are you telling me to stay away now? I will be with you, Harvey.

Harvey : (Stands up and looks outside the window.) I’m going there to die! Can’t you understand that?! (Looks at Lena) There’s no cure for this, Lena. I’m dying. And the least I can do for you is not to see me die.

Lena      : But still, I promised you. I’ve left you so many times, and I’m not leaving you now. I love you, Harvey. You can push me away all you want, but I’m coming with you tomorrow.

Harvey : (Kisses Lena on the forehead) You’re as stubborn as ever. You really want to watch me die, don’t you?

Lena      : No, I want you to live. I want to be wherever you are, Harvey.


Scene 2: (Next Morning-Hospital)

(Lena carries her luggage and enters the hospital room of Harvey.)

Lena      : Harveeeyyyyy! I’m here! I brought you ora—Harvey?

(Lena finds the room empty… and clean. Just then, a nurse passes by the corridor.)

Lena      : Nurse! The patient here, where is he?

Nurse   : He already left very early this morning. He was getting treated in the US.

(Lena kneels down the floor, crying, then she gets her phone and calls Harvey)

Lena      : Answer it, Harvey! You can’t leave me like this! You promised me!

(Harvey answers.)

Lena      : Harvey! Where are you?! We’re going together, did you forget?

Harvey : I never planned on going anywhere with you, Lena. I’m sorry.

(Lena cries hard.)

Lena      : You can’t do this to me Harvey! Where are you? I’ll go there!

Harvey : Lena, what time is it?

Lena      : What? 7:30?

Harvey : Nope. It’s time to say good bye. Good bye, my love. I’ll always be with you.

(Harvey ends the call. Lena breaks down, drops the phone and cries very hard.) 

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