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Prezi VS PowerPoint: What to Choose

The Best Visual Presentation Tool: Prezi vs PowerPoint

prezi vs powerpoint

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PowerPoint is probably the best known of all the available visual presentation tools. For anybody making a presentation, PowerPoint has always been the presentation tool of choice. That is until Prezi started to be used by an increasing number of those making presentations. Prezi is gaining popularity with users and can now be considered a serious challenger to PowerPoint. Both Prezi and PowerPoint incorporate images, sounds, videos, text, and charts. Prezi vs PowerPoint pits two tools against each other and should determine the tool that is best for making presentations.

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Results of Prezi vs PowerPoint

After a comparison of PowerPoint and Prezi a more accurate assessment can be made. The advantages and disadvantages of both presentation tools can be seen in the following table:

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  1. More features and options in latest versions
  2. PowerPoint animations can impact a crowd
  3. Linear slide format and design
  4. More people familiar with the format
  5. No learning curve


  1. Free (your prezis will be public unless you upgrade or have an educational account)
  2. Sensation of being more fluid and visual
  3. Web-based (work from any computer, tablet etc)
  4. Collaboration feature helps when working with others
  5. Non-linear navigation
  6. Short learning curve






  1. Animation not as smooth as Prezi
  2. If not used well comes out as boring to the audience
  3. Usually, only the most common features are used
  4. Linear slide format makes finding a slide after you have passed it difficult
  1. Can make people dizzy with the zoomable feature (Use grouping and frames to avoid)
  2. Limited printing options
  3. Web-based unless you upgrade
  4. Animation feature loses its appeal after awhile
  5. Learning curve

Best used for

  1. Reports
  2. Step by step ideas
  3. Processes
  4. Linear
  5. Numbers and data


  1. To look at the big picture -details
  2. To skip back and forth
  3. Map-like layouts
  4. Brainstorming
  5. Timeline
  6. Whiteboard affect

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both Prezi and PowerPoint, and seeing what each is best used for, the issue of PowerPoint vs Prezi has not been completely settled. Each tool provides certain benefits and rather than choose between which to use for your presentation, make use of both. Our company offers a presentation service that can help you with PowerPoint and Prezi presentations.

About Our Presentation Service

The presentation service we offer includes the design and creation of both Prezi and PowerPoint presentations. Our professional presentation experts can create a customized presentation based on the requirements that you specify. The services we offer to cover every aspect involved in the presentation creation process such as speech notes, slide text writing, custom branding, and animations. Some of the benefits of using our service include:

  • Guarantees on all work we provide
  • Easy online order and payment process
  • Affordable rates that won’t hurt your budget
  • Always available customer support 24/7

When you need help creating presentations, contact us for superior presentation service at an affordable price!