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Writing an Elevator Speech

Writing an Elevator Speech for Beginners

An elevator speech or an elevator pitch is not a full blown speech compressed to a nonsensical and incoherent mess. Instead, an elevator speech is just a pitch: a brief overview of an idea or a business presented to someone. It is meant to grab the attention of a potential investor or supporter for your idea or business. The goal is to entice that person to become interested in what you have. What you want to happen is for the person you are presenting for to want to know more about what it is that you do and your topic of speech. Knowing how to facilitate communication through an elevator speech is appropriate for any occasion or event where a short but concise presentation is needed.

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Tips on Writing an Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch needs to grab the attention of your audience from the first moment up to the last word of your speech. You must be able to participate in this dialogue where you are able to assert yourself without being too offensive while at the same time being able to effectively discuss your product, idea or business within a very, very short time. Here are some tips that you can use as you practice writing an elevator pitch.

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  • It is important that you have a hook. A hook will capture your audience’s attention and it will serve as the biggest recall factor of your elevator speech. Think carefully of what to have as your hook as you go writing an elevator speech. This is the thing that your investor will remember for long so this will make or break your pitch.
  • Recall why you are giving the pitch. The challenge in having an elevator speech is to squeeze as much detail to give a rough overview of your product/idea. In doing so, you may forget what exactly you are pitching about. It is important that you always remember the reason behind your pitch. Keep your focus as you write and as you deliver your speech.
  • Practice your pitch. While it helps to have a mental concept of how your speech will go, nothing beats practicing your speech. Practicing your speech in front of other people will help you polish your speech and you also gain invaluable feedback from these people.

Writing a Memorable Elevator Speech

An elevator speech is meant to pique the interest of your audience and not to divulge the details of your product in one messy delivery. If you are confused or at a lost as you are writing an elevator speech, there are various resources to provide you assistance. Keep in mind these tips in order to write your memorable motivational speech successfully. An elevator pitch may be underrated but being able to successfully deliver one can do wonders for your business and ideas.

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