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Writing a Welcome Speech

Effectively Writing a Welcome Speech

A welcome speech that is well-written is an effective morale booster, not only for the new additions to your team but also for veterans and more experienced member in your team. Be sure to provide a welcoming environment as you deliver your speech. Set a tone in which you sound accommodating and sincere in everything you say. Moreover, a well-written welcome speech can rally support and affection from your audience. Be sure to use proper language as you write your welcome speech. You want to command attention and respect but at the same time not sound intimidating and provide a welcoming environment to your new members.

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Welcome speech for opening an educational institution

Good Evening everybody
Welcome (Names of all dignitaries)

I feel privileged to take this colossal opportunity to heartily welcome you all on this auspicious occasion. So far, our journey as been very impressive and today I feel ecstatic to announce that we are opening 21st branch of XXX.

This is a great moment that we all should savor and take pleasure in. By now, if you have taken a glimpse of your surroundings, the feeling is sure to be deeply felt. We have covered a long journey to commemorate this special occasion. It’s like a dream come true for all of us. XXX is a world class educational institute that will mould the future of many upcoming generations enlightening their minds.

This ceremony marks the formal joining of respected members at our new unit of XXX. This new unit now will be an integral part of our existing branches and is all set to contribute towards the development of the network.

I am pleased to announce that our educational excellence has been in limelight since its origin and has joined the race of speedy progress with its outstanding legacy of poverty reduction in last few decades. For this reason, our impressive educational institution is now well known across the world.

We have created a strong prototype and are emerging as a strong institution where student’s contribution is noteworthy not only in academics but also in sports sector and community services. Our organization has represented at national as well as international level very well. Our aspirations are high but we always keep in mind that all the members of our team stay robust and enthusiastic while performing all their duties and enjoying their jobs.

I pompously announce that our organization has established vital links with other communities and have been greatly benefitted via it. Our academic competence can be measured globally with wining scores because of harder endeavors of dedicated professors and other team members. Apart from moral judgments, some distinguished attributes of our organization are civic responsibilities, extensive pluralistic outlook and self discipline.

Our legacy is a perfect combination of all the jewels. And 50 years ahead our dream is to set a benchmark it as international treasure. We hope your contribution will be meaningful and heartily and we would be successful in our endeavors.

Once again, I would extend my gratitude and thankfulness to all the key players who have been a part of this program. Please stay here and relish yourself with evening programs. Thanks for being part of us.

Tips on Welcome Speech Writing

The first thing to consider in welcome speech writing is the length of your speech. Be familiar with the welcoming program of your company. You don’t want to drag on and bore your new members, and at the same time you don’t want to deliver an insufficient speech. Strike a balance and find the optimum length for your speech. In that length of speech, here are some tips you can employ to maximize the time and at the same time provide an engaging and interesting speech.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Papers
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  • Do thorough research before writing a welcome speech. Refresh yourself with the basics of the company you are working for and research carefully the details of your work environment. It is important that you have a well-researched speech without compromising the fun part of it.
  • Write an engaging speech. You are trying to rally the excitement of your audience and new members in this welcome speech so it is important that you set up an engaging environment. Make sure that your articulation stimulates such an environment. Keep an upbeat and positive attitude as you deliver your speech. Deliver in a friendly tone to simulate an accommodating environment for you and your new members. Discuss why you are welcoming them to an incredible opportunity for them to embark on a new journey in your company.
  • Avoid clichés in your speech. While it might be fitting to include a quote or two as you deliver your speech, avoid using overused phrases and clichés that are passé. Write as how you would talk without compromising the professional air that you are holding. You must command respect and at the same time keep the fun going in the speech.
  • Practice. Practice in order to familiarize yourself and in order to gain insightful feedback from your colleagues. Make sure that your speech is appropriate for your occasion and feedback can provide you with further polishing of your speech.

Writing an Effective Welcome Speech

While there are no standard rules being followed in writing a welcome speech, following the tips we have mentioned would help greatly in having an effective farewell speech. If these are not enough, various resources are available on the internet and professional help is available as well to ensure that you will deliver an effective and engaging welcome speech for your new members.

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