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Writing a Farewell Speech

Tips on Writing a Farewell Speech

You have been tasked to write a farewell speech for a friend or a colleague because you probably were the closest person to the departing colleague. This means that you know more about the colleague than anyone else. This is helpful as this means that you will be able to say more meaningful things to your colleague or to your friend who is leaving the company. This puts you in an advantage in writing a farewell speech.

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Guide to Writing a Memorable Farewell Speech

There is no strict guide to follow in writing a farewell speech. However, here are some tips that you can apply as you write a memorable farewell speech.

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  • Know the length of your speech. In writing a speech for your colleague, know how much time is allotted for your delivery. Knowledge of the allotted time can help you adjust your speech length accordingly. This also helps you as you plan your speech. Do you have enough time to share two stories? Or are you just able to squeeze in one interesting anecdote?
  • Know your audience. Knowing your audience will enable you to engage in the appropriate conversation for the event. It will be inappropriate to talk about experiences regarding inefficient higher authority if your bosses are in attendance. Be careful as well when choosing the stories that you tell. Gauge the tolerance and the responsiveness of your audience.
  • Determine the reason why your colleague is leaving. From here, you will be able to set the tone of the speech. A colleague leaving for abroad for better job opportunities might evoke a happier vibe than a colleague leaving due to sickness. Consider this as this is important in your speech writing.
  • Acknowledge your colleague throughout your speech. The speech was written for your colleague, right? Do not make the speech about you. Instead, make your speech personal and memorable by giving tribute to your colleague.

Tips on Writing a Commencement Speech

A commencement speech is almost similar to writing a farewell speech. Commencement speeches are usually delivered during graduations or moving up ceremonies. Writing a retirement speech entails considering the experience of the group and not your experiences alone. It is important that you talk more about collective experiences than individual experiences that your colleagues may not have a grasp of. Also, take into consideration the message that you want to bring across to your audience. Typically, commencement speeches are motivating while at the same time build its foundation in nostalgia. Strike a balance between providing motivation and invoking collective memories. Doing so would give you an advantage in successfully writing an interesting and engaging commencement speech.

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