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Writing a Birthday Speech

Writing a 21st speech and other birthday messages

Birthdays are special events and being tasked to write a speech for the celebrant may be intimidating at first. However, look at it in a brighter light. You were asked to deliver the speech because the celebrant values what you have to say and writing need not be that difficult. You can treat writing a birthday speech as a fun task. To make it fun, you have to prepare for it. Don’t make writing a 21st speech embarrassing! The key to writing a fun birthday speech is to be able to allow time and effort for preparation. No need to make your speech sound professional, you just have to be you. Prepare by doing research and writing drafts. Put it all together and you end up with a well written birthday speech.

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Tips on Writing a Birthday Speech

There is no standard set of rules for birthday speech writing so you are free to formulate your own way to make your speech interesting and engaging. However, here are some tips that you can follow to guide you as you write birthday speeches, whether it is writing a 21st speech or for your parents.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Papers
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Choose your topic. While it is default that you have to talk about the birthday celebrant, you can go as random as you can. You can talk about how you first met (as in the case of your friends) or one funny happening during college. However, make sure that your topic is appropriate. Nothing is more awkward than sharing a story that was supposed to be a secret or something that is never to be talked about. So be careful as well.
  • Know the other attendees of the party or celebration. While it is not required that you know intimately all the other attendees of the birthday celebration, it is important that you have an idea of who are going to attend. This will help you as well in choosing the topic. Talking about an inside joke among friends in front of an audience composed mostly of relatives may not be an effective way to deliver a speech. So know the audience before you proceed.
  • Practice diction, enunciation and all aspects of the speech. As in all speeches, practice goes a long way. With enough practice, you can deliver a well-polished speech. This does not ensure that you deliver a perfect speech and no one really expects that. But it is better to be prepared than to fumble with your words as you deliver your speech.

Writing an Interesting Birthday Speech

Have as much fun as you want as you write your birthday speech. However, be sure to be considerate of the audience. Writing a 21st speech about a crazy anecdote may not go well with the parents of the celebrant in the audience. But don’t be scared as you write a keynote speech, there are a lot of resources available as a reference and for assistance. The goal is to enjoy your writing and have fun as well.

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