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Writing a Best Man Speech

Successfully writing a best man speech

Writing an effective and well-received speech entails preparation and practice. Being able to get feedback from other people is also helpful in writing a speech. The similar approach is used in writing a best man speech. Much preparation is needed in order to successfully deliver a best man speech. A wedding is probably the most important day in a couple’s life. Help the wedding become more memorable by delivering a speech that would surely move the couple and the guests in attendance for the special day.

Best Man Speech Sample

A very good Evening to all the guests present to attend my friend John’s wedding with Caroline who is looking gorgeous. I am George, John’s best friend and I have known him since fourth grade. I hope you all have had a superb evening so far.
First and foremost, on behalf of the lovely Bridesmaids, I would like to thank John for his kind words. I felt hugely honored when John asked me to be his best man. But, after a while, I felt quite blank as to what should I say about a guy whom I have known all my years and shared so many memories together.
This is my first time at being a best man, so I listed down a few duties and till now I double checked the following- John reached church before time, he is looking well-dressed, sleek and quite calm. The entire day he has been chanting; “I am fine, honestly”. So, I guess he is handling the pre-wedding jitters better than I had expected.
Born on 15 May, 1985, John was so good with his football skills that I never knew he would turn out to be a banker. He had a cocky Northern hair style and would always sneak out for a match on the football grounds. The first time we went to the pub was together, and I brought him home, actually carried him back, as he was a slightly, emotional!
John has always been a great friend, more like a brother to me. So, when he met Caroline and spoke to me about her, I knew it was something special. It was 5years back on a valentine’s day that John asked Caroline out on a very special date and expressed his feelings for her. Caroline always brings the best out of John. I would like to thank her for always being by his side. I truly believe that they are made for each other.
I request everyone to join me on a toast to the newly married couple. May their love for each other increase by the day.

The formula to best man speech writing

You are not expected to be flawless while you are delivering the best man’s toast. However, it is expected that you make a moving and memorable speech as you toast to honor the newlyweds. To successfully write the speech, follow this formula for best man speech writing.

  • Be yourself. The groom chose you to be the best man not because he expects you to deliver an intricate speech. Rather, the groom chose you to be his best man because you are you. Do not go pretending and deliver a hifalutin speech. Be you.
  • Write an outline as you plan your speech. Writing an outline will help you give an idea on what you have to say as you deliver a toast. Similar to writing professional speeches, let your outline guide you as to how you want the speech to flow.
  • Keep your speech short. The best man’s toast is not exactly the most important part of a wedding so there’s no point in delivering a long and pointless speech. Keep your speech short and interesting to make it memorable. In writing a best man speech, take into consideration the value of the stories that you share.
  • Practice your speech. Practice your pronunciation and diction. Practice in front of the mirror. Practice in front of your friends. It is important to get insightful feedback in order to improve your speech and make it memorable. Practicing will also help you get rid of the jitters and the nervousness before you deliver the speech. A well-practiced speech works wonders.

Professional help for writing best man speech

If you don’t trust your speechwriting skills, there are various professional services available to assist you. Our company provides assistance in writing a best man speech when you are not able to follow these tips due to lack of time or for a variety of reasons. We provide these writing best man services for reasonable prices. And don’t worry about impersonal speeches. We make it a point to put your touch on the speeches. Inform us of the details and we will be able to write a memorable persuasive speech for you.

speech writing Writing a best man speech with our services will make your life easier! Place your order today and impress your audience tomorrow!

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