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Engineering Technical Report Writing

Writing the Engineering Technical Report

The main written work product of engineers is the technical report which will present facts and conclusions related to designs, experiments and other projects. They will include research about technical concepts and may include visual representations of designs and data. The main purpose of the engineering report is to convey information gathered through a technical or experimental work process. The technical writing in reports follows a strict organizational process that presents information in sequence and which can be replicated by somebody reading the document.

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Basic Engineering Technical Report Format

Engineering covers a wide variety of fields such as electronics, chemistry, programming and many others. Each engineering field may produce reports that vary slightly depending on requirements dictated by various technical bodies such as the IEEE does for electrical and electronics engineers. However the basic technical report format engineering writing follows is the same in all disciplines and will consist of the following sections:

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  • Only Experienced Writers
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  • Title page
  • Summary/Abstract: Brief overview of the report
  • Introduction: Defines the work performed and its purpose or objective. Will include a description of the issue and why the work is being done and provide background information.
  • Methodology
  • Theory: Technical background of the work needed to understand the report such as equations and mathematical relations. In shorter reports it may be covered in the introduction
  • Apparatus: This section lists all equipment and materials used in the experiment.
  • Experimental Setup: This section provides details of the setup needed to carry out the experiment or work.
  • Experimental Procedure: This section describes and explains the steps and process of the experiment in chronological order
  • Results and Analysis: A description of the results obtained and analysis and discussion of what the results mean. Includes sample calculations
  • Conclusion: This section should briefly summarize the significant results of the work
  • References/Bibliography: Lists all works cited in the report with the required bibliographical information
  • Appendices: Includes information too long to fit within the body of the report. Generally appendices are used for long mathematical formulas and complete sets of data such as tables or figures. All appendices should be referenced within the text of the report and arranged in the order which they appear within the document.

Engineers often encounter difficulties when writing technical report. Our company offers a service that can assist you when you are unable to resolve these problems on your own.

How Our Service Can Assist You with Technical Reports for Engineering

We offer assistance with writing technical reports for every engineering field. Our professional writers come from every engineering discipline and they all have graduate level degrees in their field as well as extensive experience creating technical reports. Services we offer to assist with technical reports for engineering include:

  • Technical report proofreading and editing: We go through the complete document to ensure no mechanical errors in spelling, grammar or punctuation exist and ensure the correct format has been followed. If you are submitting a report for publication, paper requirements for format must be met and the document needs to be free of mechanical errors or it may be rejected.
  • Technical calculations: Engineering reports often include technical calculations in the results and analysis section. Our experts know how to perform the required calculations as well as how to present them. Calculations are sometimes included in the body of the report while in other cases they are placed in the appendices. We will ensure calculations are correct and presented appropriately
  • Technical graphics: Data in technical reports is often represented graphically. All graphics in reports should be original and created for your specific document. We can create any graphics you require and as with calculations, ensure they are presented appropriately
  • Data analysis: We offer expert assistance with data analysis. Analysis help include graphics representation of results to make them more understandable to the reader.

There is no aspect of technical report writing beyond our capabilities. Contact us for high caliber engineering technical report help provided by experts in the field!

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