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Paraphrasing Tool

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More often than not, it seems that students and professionals alike do not know how to properly paraphrase in an article or written document, landing them in a world of trouble in their professional and academic careers. This is why we have set up a “tips for paraphrasing” section, to help you at no cost! We now offer paraphrase help!

Tips for Paraphrasing

  1. Always cite!
    • Even though you are re-arranging the words of someone else, they are still somebody else’s words, meaning that it is essential to still use them as a professional writer source. If someone else wrote it, give them credit or it will come back to haunt you.
  2. Online paraphrase
    • Look up a paraphrase website and get the paraphrase help you need. Luckily, if you do need further paraphrase help, offers a professional online paraphrase service to help you accomplish your paper writing goals.
  3. Keep your sources in order
    • Some key paraphrase help is to keep a detailed record of all of your sources. You don’t want to get half way through a paper and lose the source that you used in the beginning of the paper. Keep good track of where you sources are and where they came from. Many people recommend keeping a running bibliography and constantly updating it so you always have your sources at hand and easily accessible.
  4. Never Assume
    • Always plan on somebody checking your sources, you never want to assume that something is not plagiarism, because chances are if you are unsure that it is plagiarism. So back to step 1, ALWAYS CITE! If you get caught plagiarizing at this point in life, it will follow you for years to come as a black mark on your record. Plagiarism is one of the most critical errors that a student or professional could ever make, so always remember we have a great online paraphrasing help section if you need further help.
  5. Use our Paraphrase Help Services
    • offers a top quality online paraphrasing consultation service that will check and verify any document you send us for paraphrasing quality and plagiarism before you submit your assignment.
Academic Paraphrasing Prices$19.99$15.99per page
Academic Paraphrasing:
  • professional paraphrasing in any referencing style
  • plagiarism paraphrasing according to your report
  • adherence to your writing style
  • consistent natural flow
  • proper academic citing and formatting
  • FREE proofreading already included
  • FREE plagiarism report
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Content Paraphrasing Prices$19.99$15.99per page
Content Paraphrasing:
  • paraphrasing of any topic in any industry
  • inclusion of your requested keywords
  • compliance with specifics of your website
  • re-formatting according to your template
  • diverting or official writing style
  • FREE proofreading already included
  • FREE plagiarism report
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General Paraphrasing Prices$19.99$15.99per page
General Paraphrasing:
  • paraphrasing of any document
  • strict adherence to the given format
  • cutline paraphrasing
  • inclusion of requested graphics
  • using the chosen style and tone
  • FREE proofreading already included
  • FREE plagiarism report
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