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Making Latex Template

As Latex report helps you write your reports, thesis and software in a very efficient way, what if you need to present your information into a format of your own. Many times the companies or the instructors require you to put the information into a format which requires customizing or creating an entirely new template. This is why for helping yourself, you must have a basic understanding of the LaTeX templates. The template has got the same contents which any regular documents in LaTeX has got. However, the layout is not complete without dummy text which is why you have to write that for making it appear as a professional template.

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The templates in LaTeX can help the users to understand the language and syntax in the better ways. If you are a completely new user, you can just take any template, look for its dummy text, and paste your own information. That’s it, hit compile and everything is ready. However, in case you have to add a table or an image, you would have to look it up how you can do so. This way you would be able to learn LaTex better than any other method or going through stacks of books to wait for the information to make some sense to you.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
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  • Complete Confidentiality

However, when making your own LaTex template, make sure that the one you have selected is easily editable, so as to mold it according to your requirements. A sample cover letter template is given below for your understanding:

  1. % Commands, packages and configurations that are used in the Document
  2. \documentclass{coverletter}
  3. \usepackage{fontspec} % This customizes the font
  4. \usepackage{marvosym} % This is for using symbols
  5. \usepackage[english]{babel} % Used to compile code when using windows
  6. \setlength\parindent{0pt} % Helps in omitting the indentation from paragraph
  7. \defaultfontfeatures{Mapping=tex-text}
  8. \setmainfont {Adobe Garamond Pro} %  The Font of entire document
  9. \setsansfont {Calibri} % this is the font used in from address part
  10. \renewcommand{\normalsize}{\fontsize{13.5}{16}\selectfont} % Set font size
  11. 11.   %  Now Writing Your Personal Information
  12. \setkomavar{fromname}{Jason Red} % write your name
  13. \setkomavar{fromaddress}{125 greenwich\\City\\Country} % write address
  14. \setkomavar{fromphone}{(111) 222-3333} % write phone number
  15. \setkomavar{fromemail}{} % write  email address
  16. \setkomavar{place}{} % to write city before date
  17. \setkomavar{signature}{Jason Red} % Name that appears as signature
  18. %  The Header Part
  19. \firsthead{
  20. \centering
  21. {\addfontfeature{LetterSpace=17.0}\fontsize{32}{32}\selectfont\scshape
  22. \usekomavar{fromname}}\\[6mm]
  23. \fontsize{22}{22}\selectfont\scshape Programmer at JTech} % writing job title
  24. %  The Footer Part
  25. \firstfoot{
  26. \centering
  27. \addfontfeature{LetterSpace=20.0}\scshape
  28. {
  29. \renewcommand{\\}{\ {\large\textperiodcentered}\ }
  30. \usekomavar{fromaddress}
  31. }\\
  32. {\Large\Letter} \usekomavar{fromemail} \ {\Large\Telefon} \usekomavar{fromphone}
  33. }
  34. \begin{document}
  35. % Writing the contents of your cover Letter
  36. \begin{letter}{ % the address of the company you are writing to
  37. HR Dept. — Corporation\\
  38. 124 Black Lane\\
  39. abc City, State
  40. }
  41. \setkomavar{subject}{Cover Letter} % this writes cover letter in bold style, you can omit it if you don’t want it
  42. \opening{Dear abc,}
  43. First Paragraph: Write your reason for writing the letter, the source you have learned about the opening etc\\.
  44. Second Paragraph: Write your reason of interest in the company’s opening, its services, products etc as well as what you will do if selected as an employee. Write your academic background credentials along with practical work experience if you have it\\
  45. Third Paragraph: Request for an interview call and mention your availability, but make it flexible according to their requirements. Share your phone number. Complete the cover letter by thanking the employer for reading it all.\\
  46. Yours Sincerely, \\ \\ \\
  47. \usekomavar{signature}
  48. \end{letter}
  49. \end{document}

This is how you can make a model in LaTex. Hope by following along this tutorial, you will be able to write different templates for your requirements.

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