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It Is All About That Design

To create a great kids book illustration or picture book illustration that will be the best for the children we need to know that a study shows:

  • In children, the youngest, between the third and the seventh year of life, the choice of choosing topic and type of objects in the image. The focus on the things perceived directly. Not interested in the details, just take in the whole. Age is characterized by a high color sensitivity, especially in the pure forms. Children do not offend deformations fact or abnormal use of color.
  • From the age of seven, the child more and more attention is paid to the realism in the illustration. Detects similarities to reality. This phenomenon increases to about eleventh year of life, when it reaches its peak. It is characterized by a passion for purely esthetic criteria, such as harmony. The reason probably is an adaptation of the systems governing the world of adults and the impact of the school, which activity tends to adapt to the child’s mind the objective realism.
  • It was only at the age of twelve years, the interest in realism, colour, and literal begin to wane, and there are pictures of the first evaluation of style, composition and emotional expression, even though the older children prefer colorful than black and white images.

Importantly, it also seems that all children exhibit subconscious aversion to gray colors, especially if their use is not very different. That will help you to create the best cover book design.

Topic of the Illustration

Topics of the illustration, in all three age groups, depends on the individual child’s interests, while at the evaluation influenced personal survival.

kids book illustrationCORINNA ICE

kids book illustration



kids book illustrationROHAN EASON

kids book illustrationALAN BAKER

kids book illustrationALEXANDRA BALL

Dean Johnson, illustrator expert said: “Greater opportunities for younger audiences to take part in the design process. It is not about hands-on design or development, more to tap into the enthusiasm on offer from ‘kids of all ages’ and unwillingness to accept compromises or restrictive barriers. It can be a new trend to follow with a book design inspiration. As well, wordless picture books for children, that allow readers to interpret their own stories. This innovation can bring a new element to the books.

Electronic Media

Very often parents of children from preschools, where they use electronic media are very pleased.

kids book illustrationThe age when a given child might start using an appropriate technology such as a cell phone or computer might depend on balance between a technological resource to the recipient’s developmental aptitude, such as the age-anticipated stages labeled by Swiss psychologist, Jean Piaget. Parameters, such as age-appropriateness, solidarity with sought-after values, and joined enjoyment and informative aspects, have been recommended for take media.