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How to Convert a Word Document to a PowerPoint Presentation

A certain process has to be learned in order to know how to convert Word document to PowerPoint, how to create a photo album in powerpoint or how to change background color in powerpoint in a way that doesn’t seem overly cumbersome or annoying.

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Learning how to convert Word document to PowerPoint presentation shouldn’t take too long, but users who need to should ask themselves if they really have to. There are reasons that they should, such as if they’ve prepared the presentation in Microsoft Word before hand, but other reasons they should avoid it. Remember that Word is a word processor, as the name might suggest, and this invalidates its use for many types of presentations as an excessive slew of verbiage can just confuse users and make them ignore the rest of the presentation if they’re shown it.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
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  • Complete Confidentiality

Conversion Steps Available to Users

Regardless of the practical reservations around such a conversion, the steps in their own right shouldn’t be entirely too difficult for anyone who has some experience working with both platforms:

  1. Select the Home Ribbon.
  2. Click on the arrow underneath New Slide.
  3. Select Slides from Outline.
  4. Navigate to the Microsoft Word document that needs to be converted into a PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Click on Insert.
  6. Give the software a moment to import the document.
  7. Check to ensure that the slide titles are in Heading 1 style and that the remaining text has a Heading 2 style.
  8. Apply actually formatting to the slides.
  9. Save the presentation.
  10. Test if it works.

Those who have images in a Word document will probably find that doesn’t work. They can add pictures from files after saving each image out of the Word document individually, though some people have had success instead using the convert to PDF function. What they really need, though, isn’t available yet.

In the near future Microsoft might finally make a version of Word that can save documents as a PowerPoint presentation natively. This would help to take a lot of the sting out of that conversion process as a whole, and make the entire bit much easier. That being said, it seems like that day is still a good ways off for the time being, so the steps will be needed for the foreseeable future. Learning them can be good for those that work with both pieces of software.

Old Fashioned PowerPoint Options

There’s one other way to convert a Microsoft Word document into a series of PowerPoint slides, and it might be the best for several reasons. Copying and then subsequently pasting text is quite possibly the best, and it certainly is the easiest. The reason it might work so well for some users is because it prompts them to remove unnecessary content. While PowerPoint evolved out of the Microsoft Word and Microsoft Works Word Processor platforms, it was never intended to be a desktop publishing application in its own right. Too much text is an example of merely using the package incorrectly.

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