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How to Change the Slide Design in PowerPoint Presentation

The field of slide design in PowerPoint has changed considerably from where it was when the program began. Find out how to design modern looking slides here or check how to change background on powerpoint on another web pages!

There’s a global way to figure out how to change slide design in PowerPoint, but it can also be done individually. Users usually don’t know this at first, but when they figure it out they realize that they could theoretically have a different design for each slide. There are a very few situations where this could be a good idea; most notably for those illustrating a photo album by placing a new image in the background on every single slide separately. (Learn how to  create a photo album in powerpoint to make in perfect). Otherwise it’s best to have a nice uniform design that’s carried out across every single part of the presentation. That’s what makes some look so professional, and in fact that’s the idea of templates.

Professional Design Options

Those who were looking at changing the slide design in a PowerPoint presentation should consider the following steps to accomplish what they’re trying to do:

  1. First display the slide that needs to be customized.
  2. Click on Background styles and then select the Format Background function from the design tab.
  3. Select a desired fill option in the fill tab section.
  4. Click close to apply the changes to the current slide, or click on Apply to All if the changes are needed across an entire presentation.
  5. Give PowerPoint a moment to adjust, should this be a remarkably large presentation.

Slide previews are illustrated while navigating through the dialog box, so it’s important to pay close attention to this. Those who instead want to adjust the layout should:

  1. Go to a slide or have a look over at the slide sorter, then select the slide that the designer needs to adjust the layout.
  2. Go to the Format menu and then select “Slide Layout.” Note that the Task Pane appears on the right-hand side of the PowerPoint screen.
  3. Use the scroll bar to have a look at the layouts.
  4. Select the one needed and then select the Apply function.
  5. Rearrange overlapping and hidden objects to fit to the new layout’s matrix.

Changing Up the Design

People who want to change the design should pay really close attention to those hidden and overlapping objects. They can be a real pain. What is clean in one layout might not be visible in another, and that can cause some real problems. Make sure to check every slide in a presentation before showing it off, since there was more than likely a bunch of design work that went into it before hand. Each bit of design work ends up increasing the possibility that errors were introduced into the design. Embarrassment can usually be avoided by just a decent little inspection, since any of these problems could be theoretically caught before the slides are actually projected onto the big screen.

Want to learn how to change the slide design? Get the best result from our team and you will want more!