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How to Add Music to PowerPoint Presentation

Individuals who want to add music to a PowerPoint slide, create a photo album in powerpoint or get to know how to convert word document to powerpoint might be a little lost. Click here and check out our professionally written guide on the troublesome topic.

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Learning how to add music to PowerPoint presentation isn’t that hard. There are a few easy steps to follow. Some people have actually resorted to using stereos located next to the presenters, but this is really unnecessary. It can also look tacky, so learning how to do this is a good way to streamline a presentation and improve it. That being said if presenting corporate data it may be best to do it without any music instead, because the music could distract some listeners from more important aspects of the presentation as a whole. It can end up being a judgment call at the end of the day. Music teachers and the like, however, often have absolutely no choice but to work with these sound effects embedded into a presentation.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Papers
  • Complete Confidentiality

Steps to Add Some Music

Anyone who wants to add music to PowerPoint presentation can probably follow these steps irrespective of the version of the presentation software they find themselves using:

1) Make sure that music is in MP3 or .WAV format.

2) Display the slide that will show when the music should begin during the presentation.

3) Select the Insert menu.

4) Go to Movies and Sounds and then select Sound from file.

5) Select the format from the Types drop-down box.

6) Locate the file.

7) Click OK once the file has been successfully located.

8) Select the Automatic option if the song should begin on its own, or “When Click” if the user should control this.

Users who are burning the presentation to a CD have to remember to burn the song to the same disc that the presentation files are on. Otherwise it won’t ever play the sound, and this could be rather embarrassing. Make sure that the sound loads from that directory too, since drive letters or access points will change dependent on what drive something is located on. When the compact disc is placed into another computer it might change the drive letter, and PowerPoint might make some kind of complaint if it wasn’t configured for this before hand.

Tips to Add Music

Those who want to add music to PowerPoint presentation might have it in an unusual format, but it’s always best to convert it to MP3 or .WAV instead since PowerPoint can work with these file types natively. Ensuring that music is in a native file type can really help to prevent headaches later. At times the software gets touchy for various reasons, so it’s just best to keep within its normal operating parameters. Remember that it’s fully acceptable to record sounds as well. Not every piece of music needs to be written by hand, but recording a few individual sounds can help. These are inserted the same way that anything else audio-related is inserted.