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How to Add Background Music for PowerPoint

Many people want o know how to add a video to powerpoint or how to add music to the background. Like so many other things with PowerPoint, there’s more than one way to add music to the background of a slide.

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Like just about every other file type that PowerPoint users might want to add to a presentation, the Insert menu is the way to go. We’ll show you how with our handy documentation (or how to create a photo album in powerpoint). It’s easy to record a sound and have it inserted in this manner. This is great for those who want a button to start playing a sound when so instructed. When the presentation goes to the slide, the presenter would be free to click this button and start the music playing. That being said, that’s not the only way to do this.

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Adding in Some Music

Presentation background music for PowerPoint is popular. Fortunately the software allows people to switch to another program, but the most basic way to add a full background track is to play a CD behind the software. People don’t realize that they can play music for PowerPoint by going behind and thus around the program. To do this one needs to:

1) Insert a CD

2) Start up Windows Media Player

3) Select the CD

4) Play the disc

5) Use Alt+Tab to move over to PowerPoint

6) Select a full screen presentation

If all this advice is followed then the presentation background music for PowerPoint presentation coming from the compact disc, the audience would never know it. Go through these steps before the presentation is projected onto the big screen for a very professional effect. Another option for when it comes to presentation background music for PowerPoint, as crazy as it might sound, is to use a simple portable stereo next to the presenter, though this isn’t nearly as professional as the CD method and certainly not as impressive as actually embedding it.

Some people also add a line into a batch file that’s accessible from the presentation that allows the performance of music:

mplay32 /play /close c:windowsmediachimes.wav

The mplay32 program might not be well known, but is another media player that has command line options and was included with just about every computer that ran Windows XP. This makes it very accessible to those who need that kind of an option. Windows Vista lacks the prerequisite MCI libraries, however, so it will refuse to run.

Sound Effects on Screen

Educational presentations often use music for PowerPoint on each slide for various effects. Music teachers might want to embed a different audio clip on each slide so that they could illustrate the differences between various types of musical performances. While not strictly an example of music, some science lecturers have started to use a small bit of a voice excerpt implanted on different slides to demonstrate what different researchers have to say about an issue in their own voice. These techniques all have their place, but shouldn’t be misused for fear of distracting the people who are in the audience. Keeping their attention should always be the primary concern.

Get our help now and we’ll show you how to add background  music for powerpoint and how to understand everything!