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How to Add a Video to PowerPoint Presentation

Many people want to know how to add video to PowerPoint presentation, how to create a photo album in powerpoint and so on. Each of them might be surprised to learn how many options they have in front of them.

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Individuals who want to add a video to PowerPoint have a few different options to pick from. (Find out more about what is VisualBee for powerpoint presentations). Those who shot a video with their own camera and have it stored locally are in a great position to insert the video right away. Just like when working with images, it’s best to avoid using drag and drop techniques because it dramatically increases the file size that’s possible as a result of embedding the video. Use the insert menu and head over to video. Then load up the video in the context box once it appears. The video should play right in PowerPoint.

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Embedding and Adding Videos

What’s become rather popular recently is to use a conversion site to make a flash streaming video into a locally stored one. Once a video is an .AVI or .MPG file it can be locally added to a slide the same way that one shot with an individual’s camera would be. This is easy to do, but there’s one big problem.

Doing this very often violates the terms of service agreement that users of these sites theoretically sign by using them. Check out the agreement before trying this option. For that matter it might be best to check out the agreement that the conversion site has to offer.

Instructions for this process are difficult to offer, since different video services have different ways to work with them. Each has a separate set of instructions, and that’s something that might be hard to come to terms with. Inspect the local instructions before doing anything else.

Animated GIF packages aren’t videos, per say, but they can be added into a slide like any other image. Microsoft GIF maker is still available for free from some sources, and while its an older piece of software it works every bit as well today as it did a decade ago. It works by allowing users to make animation out of individual frames and put them together the same way that an animator would make a cartoon for television. It naturally takes a long time to make something this way, but its great for some types of things. In fact it should be very easy to find whole sites worth of pre-built animated GIFs to include.

One Last Option

Programmers adding video to PowerPoint presentation materials have one other option in front of them that they shouldn’t forget about. There’s a quick and dirty way to add a video from YouTube or Daily Motion to any presentation. Copy and paste the link, then add it straight to the text on a slide. This might not seem like much, but it will force the video to load in a Web browser once the link is clicked on. Browsers can generally handle playing video better.

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