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Critical Text Analysis

What Is Critical Text Analysis?

A critical text analysis is your assessment and evaluation of a particular piece of written text. The opinions you hold regarding the text should be supported by various aspects of the text you are analyzing. An unsupported opinion shouldn’t be included in a critical text analysis. Your opinion may agree with that of the author of the written text or it may not. When you undertake the critical analysis of a text, the analysis that you write should do the following:

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  • Inform – Provide information to your reader about the text that is being analyzed.
  • Explain – Explain to your reader what the text means.
  • Evaluate – Discussion of your opinion of the text. This will include providing examples from the text that support your opinion.
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  • Only Experienced Writers
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Papers
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How to Perform a Critical Text Analysis

Analyzing any text is done by breaking down the text and examining its various parts. It will involve critical reading and asking yourself questions about the text. Questions may vary depending on the type of text, and determining the type of text is part of the analysis process. The following is some of the basic information to be determined in your critical analysis:

  • Identify the author’s thesis and purpose
  • Identify all the main ideas in the text
  • Determine the purpose. The purpose could be to 1) Inform using facts 2) Persuade either by logical reasoning or by playing on emotions 3) Entertain by affecting people’s emotions
  • How did the author achieve their purpose. Were facts presented in a clear and understandable fashion when the purpose was to inform? Was a logical argument used in persuading readers? If entertainment was the purpose, which emotions were affected

This will provide a starting point. Further analysis is in part guided by the responses from previous questions. Write up your critical text analysis using the proper format.

Tips to Help You Perform a Critical Text Analysis

As you perform your analysis keep the following things in mind

  • Are you maintaining objectivity? You don’t have to like text for it to be good
  • Make sure you have properly identified the authors thesis
  • Make sure there are enough valid examples to support your thesis

If you are having difficulty doing your critical text analysis, a useful tip is to contact the critical analysis writing service our company provides. Qualified, experienced writers will provide you with a original critical text analysis at an affordable price. Every analysis is guaranteed to be free of plagiarism and delivered on time. Concerns you may have will be quickly addressed by our 24/7 customer support and all customer information is held in strict confidence. Contact us the next time you need critical analysis writing help or critical analysis of a movie and see why we are the best at what we do.

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