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Blog Post Writing Example

The 7 Best Ways to Make Money from Home

Don’t you like the hassle of waking up early daily and follow the same regime of getting office daily and work for poky time limits? You like to have a flexible schedule to work as you like it and still earn a bounteous amount of money? Do you like to work from home? You’re a busy mom and looking for work from home jobs for moms? Then you’ve arrived at the right place! We’re going to acquaint you with work from home jobs and eventually answer the most common question, “how to make money from home?” Go through the 7 jobs described below to know what’s available for you on the market these days.

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Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

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Anyone who is capable of multitasking is well suited for this job! If you can handle and organize different tasks simultaneously, this is for you. Nowadays most of the companies hire people from home to save cost and their workspace. All they need from you is to manage their emails, calendars, calls and help with social media. Keep them organized and this way you can earn an ample amount of money without mislaying from home. Flex Jobs is a good starting point to start earning while working from home.


This is one of the most common work from home jobs being offered these days. If you’re good with words and know how to play with them you can be a successful blogger and write blogs about anything people would like to read or you can write for a company’s blog and company will pay you for it. You can also write articles for companies, for example, a pharmaceutical company will need to write about all their products on their website or magazine! You can write about it with the knowledge you have and a little research would help. With more experience in writing, you can earn more and more with time depending on your writing style. For finding work related to this you can visit Upwork or Fiverr. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily need to these platforms; see here how your blog can fill your bank account!

typical earnings of a blogger

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If you’re a focused person and a good listener this job is for you. The job is to listen an audio and write down everything said in it without mixing up word. This is one of the work from home jobs for moms whose kids are grown up now. This job needs time and patience as you need to sit and listen carefully and then write it up. This sounds easy but it’s not like that because transcribing can start from a simple lecture and go to a complex medical dictation. But for your ease mostly the companies will accommodate you to create your own schedule based on your convenience. Apart from the freelance job markets, you may also get some transcription projects by using your social links with various organizations.

Online Tutor

freelance graphic designer

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You have the good hold on a subject or language but you don’t want to go to school or any institution. You can join good websites like, TutorVista, and which offer the good cross section of remote education. There’s a wide ambit of Teachers and students with the good reputation. This way instead of going to school and stand there in the classroom you can just upskill students via Skype or record the bout in advance and answer the questions later. The exigency of online tutors is proliferating day by day for almost all the subjects.


Graphics Designing

This is one of the most entailed and highly paid jobs these days if you’re really good at it. If you have a creative mind and good grip on software’s used for it like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. You can make posters, sponsorship proposals, pamphlets, and much more things for a client, event or organization and get paid for it. You don’t need to leave the house for it, just sit in front of your laptop and design! This is easy-peasy for those who know to tackle the designing tools with perfection.


how to videos

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Are you adroit at making something such as cooking, crafting, makeup tutorials etc? You can create those videos and turn them into your own profits! Sign up for a free YouTube account, record a video of yourself using the mobile camera or digital camera to unravel and demonstrate your skill. If you’re a tech-savvy or anyone in your home knows how to use expert filmmaker software, use it to create a more charismatic video. Try to keep your video as much unique as possible because the more the views, more you earn! Once the video is ready simply upload it from mobile or computer and allow the advertisements to run so that you can start earning. Try to share your video as much as possible because each click on it matters. This is one of the easiest ways to earn while working from home because you’re doing what you like. And this is most suitable work from home for moms out there who usually are good with cooking some special dish or crafting something.


You know two or more languages and also have a good grip on them because you learned them by heart, well the good news is you can also turn it into your source of earning! Many of the companies are multinational and need to communicate to people in countries due to which they’re mostly looking for a person who has a good grip on the language. Fluency is must for this. Don’t go for anything you’re not good at because, in the long run, it will be harmful to you. There are assignments; video’s articles etc. which your client may want to translate which means there are a lot of opportunities. Along with some platforms for freelancers, you may also look for local agencies that hire translators. This is definitely a great part-time work from home job.

Some of the jobs mentioned above are office based as well if you like to go for it! There are many ways to make money online and some of the jobs are part-time work from home jobs as well but the ones mentioned above are easier to find and pay well for your effort. You can do this work part-time or as it fits your schedule. In the new era of technology, you should use it for your benefit wherever you can and it’s always good to keep yourself involved in something. Doing these jobs also help you to learn new things so keep looking for them.

With these blog post writing examples, you’ll know what to do!