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Best Ways on How to Open a Presentation

Knowing How to Open a Presentation Is Important

For many people making a presentation can be an intimidating prospect. In many cases the hardest part is getting started. The opening is also where you must get the audience’s attention. If you don’t get the audience’s attention at the very beginning, then chances are they won’t be paying attention throughout the rest of your presentation.

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Suggestions on How to Open a Presentation

Presentation openings often prove to be the most difficult part of the entire presentation. Once you get past the opening it becomes much easier as you go along. The following are some suggestions on how to open a presentation:

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  • Only Experienced Writers
  • 100% Plagiarism-Free Papers
  • Complete Confidentiality
  • Use a quote – A quote from somebody famous is an easy way to open a presentation. However, the quotation you use should be something that you can relate to your presentation. Don’t use a quote just to use a quote. Make sure it is relevant.
  • Tell a story – Stories are interesting, while for most people facts and figure’s are not. Relating a short story is a good way to get the audience’s attention and hold their interest.How To Open A Presentation
  • Point to the past or the future – Statements pointing to the past and the future are known as retrospective (past) and prospective (future). Retrospective statement: “In 1976 gas was 75 cents a gallon but today its over 3 dollars per gallon.” Prospective statement: “ In 20 years we will have colonized Mars.”
  • Relate an outrageous/strange fact – “The world record for eating a bicycle is 27 days.” People just seem to love strange or outrageous facts. Having a few on hand can be useful in getting an audience to focus their attention on you.
  • Silence – Sometimes just giving your name and standing quietly can be very effective in getting attention. It doesn’t always work and some people are uncomfortable with hundreds of eyes on them while they just stand there, so it isn’t for everybody.

There are many ways to open a presentation and ideally you will develop your own style. The following are a few tips on giving a presentation that may prove useful:

  • Keep your introduction brief.
  • Be careful with jokes. Not everybody is a good comedian. Unless you are and the majority of the people you know agree, leave out the jokes
  • Speak to the audience. Don’t look at your notes and slides. Stay focused on the audience.

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