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Basics PowerPoint Presentation Rules – Top 10 Tips on How to Start PowerPoint Presentation

Understanding how to add background music for powerpoint by learning the rules can really help when it comes time to master the basics of PowerPoint presentation creation, so looking at these tips can lead to better presentations overall.

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Now admittedly there are no hard and fast rules for PowerPoint presentations, but there are some basic things (how to create a photo album in powerpoint, for example) that people might want to follow when they put figurative pen to paper. Start out by outlining the basic ideas of the presentation, but keep in mind the fact that basic really does refer to the most basic points that should be reached. Going above and beyond this baseline might cause an interruption. Distractions start because people offer so much for their audience to pay attention to that it becomes an example of information overload.

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Top Ten PowerPoint Tips

While there might not be real rules per say, experts were asked what they felt the real basics of PowerPoint presentation were. They offered the following list of PowerPoint presentation tips for those who feel that they’re inexperienced when it comes to working with the program:

  1. Use negative space in order to prevent clutter. Some people use logos or graphics to fill space when this sort of thing is entirely unnecessary.
  2. While various types of clip art are still in service using it gives a slide a dated look. Photographs are generally much better, even if they come from stock.
  3. Charts are very often useful, but some people refer to superfluous images around charts as “chart junk.” Naturally this sort of thing needs to be eliminated.
  4. Model object build animations after what’s used on TV news broadcasts, and avoid trying to animate every single transition.
  5. When using pie charts explode the most important slice, and try to contrast it by coloring it in something bright and noticeable.
  6. After removing important but superfluous information from slides, move this information over to a hand out. Make sure to only give it after the presentation is over.
  7. If illustrations are needed then use databases like Open Clip Art. Art included with the software has been seen too many times by now.
  8. Use creative fonts that are still readable. Don’t get carried away, but don’t use something every sees all the time.
  9. Increase the size of text to ensure that it’s viewable by people in the audience.
  10. Presenters should add additional verbiage beyond what’s just on the slides while speaking.

Putting the Rules in Play

Learning the so-called rules for PowerPoint presentations is important, and making sure not to add too much to a presentation is a good idea. Remember to only use a few colors and be sure that the presentation isn’t so busy that people aren’t able to follow it. Limiting the amount of information is always beneficial since it helps the audience to pay close attention to the person giving the presentation. Slides were never supposed to be the stars of the show; the audience always is.

Want to know basics powerpoint presentation rules and the whole process of creating powerpoint presentations? Contact us and we will show you how!