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Admission Essay Sample

Rewards of life are witnessed when efforts are channeled towards the right course of action. Operating under caged spheres can limit an individual from achieving the desired output in the academic realm. I have come to realize that leadership is an essential aspect which cannot be eliminated from the equation of life. Living each day with no succinct plan overshadows an individual’s capability to achieve great things in life. With this vision, I want to embark in expanding my knowledge horizon, through a graduate program in leadership. Through my enthusiasm and zeal to work hard, I am confident I will get a chance to advance my skills.

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Leadership is an act which is instrumental in running an organization as well as managing people. It establishes a clear vision through sharing knowledge willingly with others. Furthermore, it creates an ample environment through which information and methods of realizing the vision are created. My academic life has been a good contributor to the realization of leadership spirit within me. While pursuing my master’s in Business Administration at Cardinal Stritch University, I realized that I was useful in organizing and coordinating small working groups. I took the initiative to lead the group, showing the members the best way to achieve our goals. I was sensitive to diversity and allowed every person to air their opinions in every task we handled corporately. Through this exposure, I was able to deal with conflicts and complaints from the people who were unsatisfied with the ideas of others. I learned the importance of coordination and embracing diversity in any working environment. I believe that the skills which I garnered while pursuing my graduate degree will be useful in my postgraduate program. I will actively share knowledge with others to solve sophisticated problems in the society.

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I have a greater expectation of improving my skills in leadership. I order to achieve this objective, I have cultivated a niche for myself through working experience in different companies. To start off, I have worked at Al Qadi Enterprise as assistant manager. My responsibilities were managing inventory, procurements, scheduled the peers and generated profit and loss reports. My stay in this company exposed me to the real experience of a working environment. I learned many skills of managing people and other essential office data and reports. It dawned on me the importance of dedication, hard work, and team work. These were essential elements which enabled me to perform effectively in my role. While executing my duties, I stood firm and displayed professionalism. I delegated duties appropriately, which was a big achievement on my side. Furthermore, I cannot fail to mention the internship program I attended at SIGMA Company as a construction engineer. I worked as a consulting engineer guided by GMP requirements. My role was influential since I handled diverse clients, who solely relied on my service. I understood the importance of good communication skills and efficiency in any task.

Far and above, working at Canal Company as assistant project engineer supplemented my skills tremendously. My responsibilities included; product development, construction and HVAC design engineering for several projects. I have positively impacted every place I served. I ensured every task was conducted according to the accepted international standards. The move improved the performance and service delivery. However, it was difficult to sail every employee through such a plan. Some were rigid in embracing the changes, but I stood firm with the move. My dexterity in leadership is portrayed by the roles I instituted in the various working places. Embellished with such knowledge, I believe securing a chance in a graduate program will fine tune me to a more respectable specialist.

I understand the challenges and technical feat associated with Ph.D. in leadership. Although the path is emotionally draining, its benefits are by far worthwhile. Having worked in demanding positions, I have the strength to stand out and pursue a career that will hone me with the right skills to solve pertinent issues in the society. My qualification in leadership skills, customer care, and teamwork will be of great importance to facilitate my ambitions. Withal, my problem-solving capabilities supersede the normalcy. I find myself giving a problem different approach to arrive at the right answer. My dedication, coupled with business management will serve as a strong background in motivating my studies.

Likewise, I have received various honors and rewards which have taught me the importance of hard work. I pride myself in a myriad of experiences, and I aspire to help other students and join in helping the society with right leadership strategies. After earning the quality education and training to continue with my leadership, I will influence the society by impacting their lives. Through my experiences, I created a humble environment through which my working colleagues anticipated. In various roles that I served, I took the initiative to manage all activities and did follow up to enhance accuracy and efficiency. My relationship with other workers was awesome, which resulted in proper delivery. Reflecting on these fills me with a true sense of purpose to start the long journey of education that lies before me. I have intrinsic motivation which compels me to forge ahead. I just require a good education to bolster my intention.

Consequently, I have come to realize that leadership intertwines various components. The relationship between leadership, learning, and service is like a circle, where every element complements one another. From my perspective professors serves a significant role in leading the student in achieving their objectives. Leadership starts from the person who gives knowledge, such as tutors. Learning, therefore, comes into play, where ideas are exchanged with the students, and finally the result is service delivery. The entire process is like a circle where after completion, it begins once more. Leadership is not an inherent skill, but learned in school and through experience. My services have benefited the organization I have worked for. I created the system that connects all employees in one net making the transfer of information between them easier. In the modern age of technological advancement, passing information has become so crucial. The growth of any organization is determined by how well the various departments can coordinate and execute duties. Connecting employees to a common place where information and data can be accessed is a sure way to reduce time wastage. I championed the platform of alleviating complexities in communication means, hence displaying my skills. It is important to note here that my computer skills have partially contributed to my work. I knew early that a Ph.D. in leadership was mine due to the general inclination towards managing different activities in my school and also the working environment.

Apart from academic and professional experiences, I have always set my goals to achieve. I have never been comfortable stagnating at one common point. I desire to move from the background and move in the forefront to provide solutions to leadership challenges. Pursuing a Doctorate in Leadership will enable me to receive and share new ideas. Furthermore, I am eager to extend my skills through teaching the concepts gained from the graduate school. This will be a move to give back to the society, helping them to counter simple challenges which are magnified by lack of knowledge. I wish to stand in the gap and be the real consultant in the matters relating to leadership. Cardinal Stritch University has qualified professors who will equip me with the right knowledge that will make me the preferred leader in the society. Conjointly, I am intrinsically motivated to display my dexterity in leadership by collaborating with other professionals in the field.

It is my strategy in the next phase of education to heighten my leadership practices. I want to refine my skills in all aspects related to the course and enhance my efficiency at work. With the increasing era of specialization, I choose to develop myself into a specialist. Therefore, receiving the quality education from Cardinal Stritch University is my priority. This is a vital step in personal and career development. My primary objective is to help society improve their lives through leadership. It’s my greatest aspiration to be admitted in this prestigious institution, where I will receive first class services in leadership skills. I look forward to participating in this coveted graduate program.