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5 Tips how to Catch Your Audience Attention with PowerPoint Presentation

Learning how to keep audience attention often involves cutting down on the amount of material. Read our guide to find out how to build a better presentation and get an individualized assistance form us.

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All too often presenters loose audience attention because they have far too much data on their PowerPoint slides. The term bullet point has eventually morphed into something that has to be used to represent every word, which is actually antithetical to the original design. Unfortunately PowerPoint grew out of Microsoft Word. While Word is a great tool, it’s designed as a word processor. Presentations shouldn’t be reiterations of RTF or DOC files, but they so often are.

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  • Only Experienced Writers
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Keeping it Simple

Getting audience attention back isn’t difficult; it just takes heavy toning down of many of the things that people have come to associate with PowerPoint. Keeping things nice and simple will win the day out, especially if everything is properly typeset. Spelling and grammar errors are extremely distracting, though bullet points can be used to avoid the need to write complete sentences all together.

Follow these five basic tips to make a good presentation:

1) Use as few words as possible to convey a message. If there’s a paragraph on the screen the audience will start to read it instead of listening to the presentation.

2) Make sure to typeset things in sans serif fonts like Arial or Verdana, because typefaces designed for print will be distracting on large screens.

3) Keep the number of bullet point to a minimum so that people can pay attention to each talking point while the presenter is speaking. Fly in sound effects were once really popular, but they were a fad and just distract from bullet points in many situations.

4) Use two contrasting colors to draw out points. Think of this the same way pages are thought of. Blue, red, black and green ‘ink’ is useful across a white background. Don’t use more than two, however.

5) If something can be illustrated with a photograph then do so. A picture speaks a thousand words. Technical drawings and such are useful as well, and these are great in some types of presentations. People won’t be as distracted by pictures since they don’t require reading.

Maintaining Alert People

People have turned to printouts in the hope that they could keep audience attention, but in reality a hard copy of a presentation can be annoying to many people. If nothing else it adds to the expense of conducting a seminar. Use the projector that’s provided. If people really want a copy of the presentation, they can be emailed one later on. What happens all too often is that people get a hard copy and end up drawing on it or fooling around with while they’re supposed to be listening. What was meant to be a tool for good ends up distracting them in the end, which defeats the purpose of issuing one to begin with. Following this and the other tips should certainly aid in putting together a really good presentation.